Mohawk Fil-Stik Wax Putty Stick - Standard Colors

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Fil-Stik are semi-hard putty sticks used to fill in nicks and scratches or open corner joints. They can be protected with Tone Finish aerosols or other coatings. No heat or special tools are required for these. Simply, rub in and wipe off.

Choose your colors by scrolling down the page.

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You can find them on separate pages under the "Fillers / Putty Sticks" category


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Choose a Color
0100 Natural stick
0101 Natural Amber stick
0102 Natural Tone stick
0115 Mahogany Deep stick
0202 White stick
0206 Walnut Light stick
0207 Walnut Medium Brown stick
0209 Walnut Extra Dark stick
0218 Mahogany Light Red stick
0222 Blonde stick
0224 Black stick
0225 Maple Rock stick
0227 Mahogany Dark Red stick
0229 Mahogany Brown stick
0233 Wheat stick
0234 Walnut Medium Dark stick
0236 Maple Brown stick
0237 Maple Medium Rock stick
0240 Maple Colonial stick
0275 Seafoam / Cream stick
0300 Fontana New stick
0303 Beigetone stick
0307 Cherry Heartwood stick
0329 Fiesta stick
0330 Sand Stone stick
0331 Pickle Frost stick
0332 Oak Light Nordic stick
0333 Oak Heritage stick
0334 White Off stick
0358 Walnut Dark stick
0360 Maple Honey stick
0401 Almond sticks
0402 Champagne stick
0408  Cherry stick
0411 Nutmeg stick
0412 White Antique stick
0415 Oak Light Golden stick
0503 Driftwood stick
0504 Pine Winter stick
1506 White Provincial stick
1516 Pine stick
1522 Oak Statesman stick
2052 Oak Medium stick
6869 Natural IV stick
8135 Bay / Cherry stick
8359 Maple Interior stick
9831 Bamboo stick
9833 Oak Dark Golden stick
9834 Walnut Gunstock stick
9835 Cherry Heritage stick
9837 Hickory Medium stick
9838 Mahogany Old World stick
9839 Cherry Rustic stick
9840 Cherry Candlelight stick
9841 Walnut Honey stick
9842 Fruitwood LIght #2 stick
9843 Fruitwood Medium stick
9846 Maple Clear stick
9847 Mahogany Red Brown stick
9848 Mahogany Light Brown stick
D404 Fruitwood Dark stick
L404 Fruitwood Light stick
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