Sideboard with Patterned Water Damage

”Sideboard-With-Patterned-Water-Damage” Those are not doilies on this sideboard.

”Sideboard-With-Patterned-Water-Damage” These patterns are the result of exposure to water spraying into the room and the resulting, lingering moisture--which the doilies retained, while the other surfaces dried off sooner. Retained moisture causes oxidation--which changes the composition under the finish.

”Sideboard-With-Patterned-Water-Damage” Because only the top surface was affected in this way, we stripped off the old finish and replaced it with a finish matching the original. The sides were then touched-up to bring the piece back to it's original appearance all around.

”Sideboard-With-Patterned-Water-Damage” Back in its natural setting, the full range of wood patterns make it the centerpiece of the room.


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