Victorian Rocking Chair

”Victorian It took many steps of repair, prepartion, touch-up, and finishing to get this ornate rocking chair to this level of presentation.

”Victorian This Victorian rocker had a lot of potential but to get it there, we had our work cut out for us. Follow the whole process on the Moffitt-Smith photo set to see how it turned out.

”Victorian The top arm assembly was detached on both sides and broken on the right.

”Victorian A close-up of this break shows the difficulty in reattaching the two sides and securing the area--which required more than a simple re-glue of the broken surfaces.

”Victorian By channeling out the underside, a piece was able to be attached to both sides, permanently securing the bond. After the "bridge" was added, new spindle holes needed to be precisely drilled so that the spindles would be spaced evenly.

”Victorian This close-up shows how well that was achieved.

”Victorian This view shows the whole upper assembly attached securely.

”Victorian After touch-up and finishing, the rocker is ready for the showroom--and ultimately for our client's home.


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