Fil Stik 60 Color Trend Assortment + 12 More

SKU M231-6000

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Price $214.56
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The 60-Trend Color Assortment includes all of the original colors (shown below):

It's one of 4 large assortments at Moffitt-Smith!
For a limited time, we're including all of the colors of the New 72-Stick Trend Color Assortment
at no additional cost. That's 12 extra sticks for FREE! We're adding the following colors:
M231-9860 Amalfi Milano
M231-9923 Amber White
M231-10168 Blue
M231-10169 Cayman Blue
M231-9862 Champagne
M231-9864 Merlot/Cherry/Chestnut
M231-7635 Mist
M231-10170 Pearl/Oak
M231-10172 Savannah Green
M231-10173 Tuscany
M230-4062 Mocha
M230-4008 Nutmeg/Cherry --

Fil-Stik are semi-hard putty sticks used to fill in nicks and scratches or open corner joints. They can be protected with Tone Finish aerosols or other coatings. No heat or special tools are required for these. Simply, rub in and wipe off.

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