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removes lacquers, polyurethanes, varnishes, shellac, enamels, latex, acrylics, wood stains and most modern coatings. This remover breaks the adhesive bond of the coating, which results in releasing the coating from the substrate. This action allows multiple layers to be removed rapidly. Flo-Strip's surfactants then pull and remove penetrated paints and stains from porous surfaces. Safe on fine and delicate antiques, household and office furniture, and wooden item, steel, iron, concrete and some plastics. Contains Vapor Control Indicator(VCI), and odor indicator developed to alert the user of excessive evaporation. An excellent Flow-Over and soak tank remover. Can also be brushed or sprayed. Low Evaporation rate. Easy wash off with cold water.Fast Cutting - Removes clear finishes instantly, multiple coats of paint in minutes. Increase Profit - Fast working = less labor and more profit. Environmentally Friendly Reusable - Throw only the dried pigments and finish away. Less Pollution - Through creative chemistry Flo-Strip has modern vapor barriers that result in a 20 to 30% less solvent evaporation.

TYPE: Liquid, water wash
BASE: Alkaline
BASIC INGREDIENTS: Methylene Chloride, Methanol
NEUTRALIZE: Water wash
USE ON: Wood, wood furniture, steel iron, some plastics.

Available in 5 gallon pail - 6 minimum

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