Kwick Kleen #145 / Flo-Strip #1700 (5 gal.)

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Semi-Paste can be sprayed, applied by hand, using either a roller or paint brush to put the paint remover on, or it can be applied using a sprayer that is approved for this type of chemical. It can strip through multiple coats of paint and other tough finishes very quickly, many times within the first few minutes. This paint remover works great on vertical surfaces where a thick product is necessary to keep it from running. Works great on lead based paint, and has been used onsite for window and door trim refinishing, stripping paint off of brick, removing graffiti from concrete walls, and many large scale projects. This product can be rinsed off with either water, lacquer thinner or denatured alcohol. Works great as a Lead Paint Stripper in the lead abatement industry.

Physical Properties:
Type: Semi-paste, Contains Methylene Chloride
PH: Alkaline
Flammability: Non
Use: Wood and Metal Furniture

5 gal pail

Kwick Kleen Furniture Refinishing

Due to new regulations, you must show proof that you are in a profession that uses this product.

Flo-Strip #145 (same formula as Kwick Kleen's #145 Stripper/Paint Remover) is a special blend of solvents for stripping furniture when a water rinse is not desired. This remover works well on paint and clear finishes. Neutralize with mineral spirits or solvent compatible with finish to be used.

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Type: Semi-Paste, scrape off remover

Base: Neutral

See STRIPPERS & SOLVENTS page for more options.
Not Available in Alaska, California, Oregon, Washington, or outside USA mainland

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